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Q1. Why conduct a urine test?


The urine is a part of the blood components excreted through the urinary system to keep the homeostasis inside the body. In normal adults, about

1 to 1.5 liters of urine are excreted every day.
The constituents of urine include metabolites and foreign substances, as well as traces of sugars, proteins, lipids, amino acids, electrolytes, enzymes, hormones, etc. and they demonstrate various changes according to the environment of human body.

Therefore, information on various diseases may be obtained by analyzing the color, smell and composition of urine.
Abnormal findings in the urinalysis may indicate early signs of a disease that has not yet been discovered or determine whether or not there are

Moreover, urinalysis is one of the most commonly performed examinations in hospitals because it is simple and economical.
When urinalysis alone is insufficient, the patient must undergo additional examinations such as the blood test, radiological examination, biopsy, etc.,

in order to identify the disease.

Urine tests methods :
Physical test : urine color, turbidity, and odor examination
Chemical test : Test representative components in urine through reagents
Microscopic test : examination of red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells, etc. in urine

[URIONE] uses a chemical principle to test urine.

Q2. What is checked with the URIONE urine strip? And what disease is each item related to?

The test items of the URIONE strip are ten items : nitrite, urobilinogen, specific gravity, bilirubin, ketone body, glucose, protein, pH, white blood cell,

occult blood, etc.
Urinary chemistry tests can confirm the risk of related diseases, such as kidney disease, urinary tract disease, hepatobiliary system disease, and 
It is organized into 7 categories so that you can see each disease.

Q3. Significance of test results and recommendations for consultation with a doctor(medical expert)

This application is a urine analysis application dedicated to urione products obtained medical device permission from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea.

A urine test is a semiquantitative test that generally allows one level error from the results. However, the higher the degree, the greater the risk.

In addition, the results of this test do not replace the recommendations or advice of a doctor (medical professional). Please consult with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Q4. What should I be aware of when conducting inspections with the URIONE App?

Anyone can easily and quickly perform inspections with the URIONE app.
However, please note the following points in order to obtain accurate results.

▶To prepare urine test strips
  - The test strips are individually sealed. It can be used  for up to 18 months from the date of manufacture at room temperature.
  - The test strips should be taken out of the individual packaging immediately before the test is carried out, and the pads must be grasped or

    foreign objects should be avoided.
  - The test strips are disposable and should not be reused.

▶Urine test strip shooting location selection
  -Before preparing the urine to be tested, it is necessary to determine where to shoot the strip, taking into account the location of the light.
  - To minimize the effects of light reflections and shadows, please shoot in the presence of white fluorescent lights. It is best to avoid a lot of

    fluorescentlights or colored fluorescent lights.
  - Accurate inspection results can be obtained by shooting at a distance of 1 meter to the left or right rather than directly under a fluorescent lamp.
  - If there is light reflection or shadow on the strip,  errors may occur, so please change the position and shoot.

Q5. After reinstalling the URIONE app, it does not work properly.

It is the case that the deletion of the existing app did not proceed normally.

Please delete the URIONE app from [Settings→Applications] on your smartphone and reinstall it.

Q6.How do I close the URIONE app?

There may be differences depending on the type of smartphone, but if you press the back button twice, it will end.

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